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Is Tequila a Superfood?

By: :Anneessa Reid 0 comments
Is Tequila a Superfood?
Hey NeoLyfe Fam! You good? Is Tequila considered a Superfood? Studies have shown that Tequila can break down dietary fat, which can indeed help lower LDL levels, the bad cholesterol. In addition, tequila can help alleviate tension and headaches. Why all the Tequila Talk? Try this All most Vegan Hibiscus Chamomile Toddy with us,! Be sure to post and share your pictures. Recipe: 1 Shot of Coconut Tequila, 1 tsp of Manuka, 1 cup of Hot NeoLyfe Abundance Floral Blend Hibiscus Chamomile, then sip, sip, and enjoy! What's in your Tea? Order here
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